• 2020 HyperLite MOTHERSHIP

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    The fourth masterpiece to be devised in Ventura, California by Varial Foam Technology is the MotherShip. A quad fin design combined with an abrupt flat tail profile the MotherShip ollies like no other and depending on your fin set up can be on rails or lose if desired.

    Infused Glass

    Varial has created a new patent-pending process for glassing boards, called infused glass. Utilizing a vacuum bagged glassing process, this produces a uniform laminate with extremely low resin content, creating the ability to isolate and engineer specific characteristics into the skins of the surfboard for any desired performance attributes.

    Futures Fin Boxes

    Providing the best interface in the industry. A solid base design offers 100% fin to base connection.

    100% UV Resistant
    Made in USA
    Aerospace Grade Construction and Materials
    New for 2019
    Dual Deck Reinforcement
    Quad Fin Design
    Varial Foam PU Core