Byerly Future Fin Set w/Key 3.5in (2018)

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Byerly Fin Set w/Key 3.5in (2018)

BYERLY 3.5 Future Fin Surf Fin Set with Key

For so long Fins were overlooked by the board companies as an integral part of how a board rides.  Leave it to Scott Bouchard and Byerly to lead the way to design a legit wake surf fin system that dramaticaly improves the performance of any surfer using a Future Fin System. Butch worked closely with the designers at Future Fins to come up with an all new shape specifically to use for wakesurfing.   After months of testing, they feel they have designed the perfect fin to enhance not only their surfer's performance, and many of the other company's boards also.

The focus on the new fin shape template was to feature a wide base with a heavy rake to create a fin with maximum drive while staying loose and fast.  The smooth foiling allows it to flow through the water much more efficiently than a standard nylon fin and also offers the snap - response surfers love!  Upgrade your ride with a set of the 2016 Byerly 3.5" Future Fins!

Kit Includes 2 fins and 1 Fin key.