Connelly Carbon V Waterski

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CONNELLY took one of the most advanced skis on the market and doubled down.  The CARBON V is made in the USA and now features Versatail. The ski utilizes CONNELLY's latest slalom geometries, core technology, fiber blends, and V-TECH to create a ski that out performs all other mid-range skis.  Skelecore, CONNELLY's advanced core shaping process, reduces the overall mass of the core allowing the fibers of the ski to flex quicker and more naturally.  The 50/50 carbon/glass blend is light and responsive for peak course performance but can absorb chatter when shooting across the wake. 


Humankind's long storied struggle to negotiate 6 Bouys faster and with a shorter rope has met some physical limitations. Subtle tweaks in ski geometry and construction are all that ha differentiated the myriad of options available. Now it's time for she most revolutionary advancement in decades. From CONNELLY

Versatail is CONNELLY'S new interchangeable tail system with the ability to alter the geometry of your ski, ushers in a new era. Now skiers can fine tune the ski to their preferences. Changing these blocks will alter the flow of water off the tail of the ski, taking a step beyond the standard fin and binding position adjustments. The Carbon "V" and the "V" include the VT, VS, and VR tail blocks. The DV8 includes the VT, VS, VR, VRS, and VSR tail blocks (63" does not include VRS or VSR).


  • Made in the U.S.A. at the Connelly Factory
  • Versatail - Includes VT, VS and VR
  • Skelecore technology
  • 50/50 carbon/fiberglass layup
  • C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)
  • Polished speed base
  • V-Tech
  • Wide tunnel
  • Variable bevel
  • Viper 2.0 Fin System w/aluminum foil



  • 65" / 165cm - up to 160lbs
  • 67" / 170cm - 160 - 200lbs
  • 69" / 175cm - 200lbs or more

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