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CWB Prizm Wakeboard Bindings

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Arguably the best park boot in the industry, the CWB Prizm Wakeboard Bindings offer a simple, streamlined booty and cuff retention system that yields top-tier performance. Thanks to the new CWB removable booties you can walk around the park or your favorite winch spot without the fear of stepping on a session-ending piece of broken glass or other hazard. If you think that's nice, wait until you slip the removable booties into the cuff. For locked in, full throttle cable park fun, try the CWB Prizm Wakeboard Bindings.

Product Details

Liner & Lacing

Removable Neoprene BootyAn inner neoprene booty with an EVA sole that fits securely in the outer boot but lets you step out for treks across gravel, rocks, sticks or anything else that means harm to the bottom of your feet.

Single Lace Design with Optional Eyelets


Internal Disc Mount System for 8-Up Inserts

Clean Sleek Plate with No External Mount Points

Adapter Plate is Available to Ride on Brand X Boards