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    • FatSac Party Bumper is great for boat tie ups and hanging out on the lake. • 10’ feet long x 20” diameter • UV resistant material and ink. (custom logos can be purchased by dealers to be printed) • Includes 2 tie down cleats 1 on each end, 2 x 5’ foot rope extensions to hang form boat Cleats, and a high pressure air valve for filling. If not high pressure pump is available, simply remove the fitting, fill with a tube air pump, and them cap the valve when the party bumper is firm to the touch) • It also doubles as a boat dock fender as well. • Made from the same durable hi strength material as our Fat Sacs. • Important – Make sure the plug is screwed in very tight so no air leaks out! • Important – Hang the Party Bumper at a level as so it sits just on top of the water or slightly above, this helps prevent collision! • Important – This is for Boat Tie Ups and Docks NOT meant to be used for towing, or to stop a boat at high speeds!