Hyperlite CADENCE PRO PKG ROPE & HANDLE Women's and Youth Package

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Each of our 2023 Pro Handles like the Blueprint, Rusty, Murray, Capitol, Cadence and Riot are available as a Pro Package, featuring our tested Silicone Flat Line. Each Handle includes Ultralight Nylon Endcaps with our Anti-Roll System or ARS. Total line length is 75 feet with 2 removable 2.5 foot sections and 2 removable 5 foot sections offering multiple line length options for all Wakeboarders. Hyperlite’s Pro Handles also offer differing handle diameters from the Capitol’s 1.24” down to the newly minted Cadence at 1.02”. Hyperlite’s new Cadence Pro Pkg rope and handle was designed at a smaller diameter for the ladies and the youth. Our original Pro Pkg options have a diameter of 1.2” or larger. The Cadence Handle and Pro Pkg offers a smaller diameter of 1.02” offering a more comfortable grip and gold for smaller hands. During testing we found the Cadence Handle reduced fatigue during long sets, especially for the youth. The feedback from Bec was an immediate YES, she preferred the feel and grip this handle provided. FEATURES • Foam Buoyancy Plugs (This Handle Floats) • Ultralight Nylon Endcaps • ARS (Anti-Roll System) Equipped • 3mm Thick EVA Grip • 15” Bar Length • 1.02” Diameter (25.9mm)

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