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Syndicate Alpha

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The Syndicate Alpha builds on the success of the Syndicate PRO design. Asher, Travers, LaPoint and Wingerter spent the 2018 season fine-tuning a loose and light iteration of the Syndicate PRO design; the all-new 2019 Syndicate Alpha. The Alpha shares the same width profile as the Syndicate PRO, but is designed with a shallower concave depth in the tail of the ski, and a flatter tip rocker, for a loose and light feel on the water. With less downforce than the PRO, the Alpha accelerates with less physical effort, and projects wider off the second wake. The shallower tail concave allows the Alpha to have more turn drift for tight rope turn finishes. Optimized for skiers who prefer lower drag, less physical effort, fast, light and quick turning skis, the Syndicate Alpha is ready for combat. Who dares wins.


Recommended Speed

HO Sports Syndicate Alpha


Syndicate PRO Width Profile

for max acceleration and automatic turn initiation

Shallower Tail Concave

for increased turn drift for tight rope turn finishes

Flatter Tip Rocker

creates a stable platform skiers can trust

Torsionally Stiff Flex

Holds shape in high load situations for great acceleration at the finish of the turn.

Carbon Fiber SpeedSkin

Advanced laminar textured ski base to reduce ski drag & increase speed, with 20% less ski weight!

Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA