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Viper 3 towable tube HO sports

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Viper 3 towable tube HO sports

Up To 3 Riders




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Non Coast Guard Approved

This is a comp vest and is not a life jacket. Please use a coast guard approved life jacket in waterways that require a coast guard approved life jacket.

The Viper series brings a new element of fun and comfort to tubing. Its tapered profile puts the riders in a natural riding position and allows for easy re-boarding from the water. The Viper's extra thick body delivers the most comfortable ride of any deck tube out there. Each rider has a spot of their own on the unique, contoured top while the new, innovative footholds provide relief when you can't hold on much longer. Softshell technology rounds out the features list making the Viper the tube of choice for your family's boating needs. Don't get bit with an imitation...get yourself a Viper today.

Up To 3 Riders

Unique Contours for Ultimate Rider Comfort

Softshell Technology

Full Top Coverage!

Abrasion Resistant

Reduced tube rash often caused by traditional nylon covers

Temperature Controlled

Doesn't become hot to the touched due to sun exposure like traditional nylon covers

Room for up to 3 adults or 4 kids - 510 lbs. Capacity

HO Quick Connect Tow Hook for easy rope hook-up

2 Way Boston Valve for Quick and Easy Inflation/Deflation

No Show Handles

4K Tube Rope Required for the Ultimate Pull


Up To 3 Riders